No more Gear-up landings, Install and Fly with SkyVoice Alert 500
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No more Gear-up landings, Install and Fly with SkyVoice Alert 500

Technology is far forward and inventions are beyond our thoughts. When it comes to aviation, there are so many challenges in which landing is the most critical, stressful stage faced by the pilots where there’s a lot to get done in that short period of time. Primary incident reports from Federal Aviation Administration indicate that 50% of all accidents are Landing gear-related accidents and it takes place common in retractable-gear airplanes. Did you ever think of why pilot land gear-up? Why did they skip the check list? Sometimes pilots forgot to select the gear handle down as they were given late approach clearance, and there can be a chance of rushing as they change from a normal procedure.

There are several ways to avoid Gear up landing related mishaps. Proper alerts and reminders with accurate analysis and measurements can prevent it to an extent. Now it can be ensured by installing HolyMicro’s SkyVoice Alert LHA 500, a distance measuring device with exceptional accuracy and altitude measurements. This is the only Take-off and Landing Height Announcer with LiDAR range of 590ft. It will give out regular height callouts from 500ft to 1ft on takeoff and landing regardless of time and terrain. Along with height callout, SkyVoice Alert also provides repeated Gear Warnings from 560ft onwards. Once the plane reached 500ft it will land in just 1min and there’s a lot to do in that short period of time. Think how difficult it will be to handle when the alerts are given from just 200ft? SkyVoice Alert stands out unique for its retractable gear warning system that will gives you repeated Gear Warnings from 560ft until the gear is down and locked. Height callouts and gear warnings from this device will be heard by the pilots through their audio panel or through headset connected via Bluetooth or wired. It constantly monitors the Plane’s real time Climb and Descend Performance. Another advantage is that it is featured with other customizable run time reminders where the user can select as per their preference from a set of available reminders like Check Gear, Checklist, LC GUMPS, Flaps, Check Tank, Check Speed and Check Fuel, GPS/MSL Height call-outs & reminders – Check Oxygen, IFR Altimeter and Top of descent. As it is small and light weighted, SkyVoice Alert can be installed in most of the aircraft inspection plate. It will be helpful for general aviation aircraft’s like Cessna, Piper, Mooney, Beechcraft, Diamond etc… SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 can be easily installed using 30minutes installation kit with no hard work, nothing more to remember, compute, or to update. It can be powered from your aircraft’s 12 to 24 volt power, or can operate from a small 12 volt battery. The installation kit includes a battery for running LHA with Bluetooth for 20hrs. SkyVoice Alert 500 will be the best choice as it is an essential and affordable equipment.

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