Enhance your aircraft safety with real time height call-outs and Gear Warnings from SkyVoice Alert 500
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Enhance your aircraft safety with real time height call-outs and Gear Warnings from SkyVoice Alert 500

Aviation safety aims to achieve ability to predict events and to be prepared for taking risks. New methods and technologies have been developed in order to improve this aspect. SkyVoice Alert 500 from HolyMicro! LLC is such an invention for the enhancement of aviation safety. It is a Take-off and Landing Height Announcer with accurate height callouts and Retractable Gear Warning system which is approved to install in all general aviation aircrafts.

For a safer flying it is necessary that the alerts and reminders should get at appropriate timings. To complete all the tasks in short period of time from 200ft is quite difficult and stressful for pilots. This Landing Height Advisor gives height callouts from 500ft to 1ft during both takeoff and landing and Gear Warnings from 560ft, so that the pilots could get enough and more time to put down the gear before landing. The Check Gear Warnings and reminders can reduce gear up landings over time. Pilots often struggle to accurately determine their height above the ground. The Height Announcement feature of SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 helps pilots to maintain a clear picture of how high their aircraft is and allows them to make informed decisions accordingly and to focus on other critical aspects of the landing procedure.    Another obstacle faced is the Controlled Flight into Terrain accidents which occur when an aircraft unintentionally collides with terrain, water etc…and when failing to know the aircrafts actual position. These challenges are mostly faced during the landing phase of flight. The height callout feature plays a crucial role in preventing such accidents by alerting pilots to any unsafe altitude conditions during takeoff and landing. SkyVoice Alert helps pilots to stay focused on flying by continuously monitoring the plane’s real-time performance in hard AGL numbers and automatically passing them to your headset connected via wired or Bluetooth. They can also make use of other advanced functions of SkyVoice Alert 500, such as connecting to GPS for higher altitude callouts, or connecting to the landing gear switch or light to get continuous announcements to put the landing gear down while coming in to land. SkyVoice Alert is a digital co pilot for general aviation pilots and it would be highly beneficial for older airplanes as its engine become tired and operate below optimal performance.

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