21 Jul, 2024

Fly Safely with SkyVoice Alert LHA 500: The only Take-off and Landing Height Announcer

Statistics reports that the approach and landing is the highest risk phase of flight, accounting for over 50 percent of all accidents at every level of aviation. Here we introduce SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 an  avionic equipment developed by Holy Micro! LLC with the primary objective of enhancing aircraft safety during takeoff and landing. The […]

2 mins read

Want safety in flying? Install the only Take-off and Landing Height Announcer.

Introduction Most of the innovations and technological advancement in aviation aims to enhance the safety in flying. In aviation, it is of utmost importance throughout the takeoff and landing phases. Air traffic controllers, pilots, and onboard systems must precisely coordinate in order to perform the delicate and crucial tasks like takeoff and landing. And now […]

3 mins read