21 Jul, 2024

Enhance your aircraft safety with real time height call-outs and Gear Warnings from SkyVoice Alert 500

Aviation safety aims to achieve ability to predict events and to be prepared for taking risks. New methods and technologies have been developed in order to improve this aspect. SkyVoice Alert 500 from HolyMicro! LLC is such an invention for the enhancement of aviation safety. It is a Take-off and Landing Height Announcer with accurate […]

2 mins read

Know how high you are with SkyVoice Alert 500 with LiDAR range of 590ft & Gear Warning from 560ft

SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 is a Take-off and Landing Height Announcer intended to improve aircraft safety. It’s a lightweight and manageable altitude measuring device introduced by HolyMicro! LLC made in a way to give out repeated height callouts in specified heights for safer take-off and landing. This is the only Take-off and Landing Height Announcer […]

2 mins read