Know how high you are with SkyVoice Alert 500 with LiDAR range of 590ft & Gear Warning from 560ft
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Know how high you are with SkyVoice Alert 500 with LiDAR range of 590ft & Gear Warning from 560ft

SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 is a Take-off and Landing Height Announcer intended to improve aircraft safety. It’s a lightweight and manageable altitude measuring device introduced by HolyMicro! LLC made in a way to give out repeated height callouts in specified heights for safer take-off and landing. This is the only Take-off and Landing Height Announcer with LiDAR range of 590ft and repeated Gear Warning from 560ft until the gear is down & locked.

Retractable landing Gear Warning system is the exceptional feature of SkyVoice Alert 500. It will provide frequent Gear Warnings until the gear is down and locked thereby enhancing safety. Pilots can receive LiDAR based height call-outs, 500 to 1ft on Take-off/Landing directly through their aircraft’s audio panel or headset, whether wired or Bluetooth-enabled. The advanced system provides customizable run time reminders, and GPS/MSL Height call-outs. It augments pilot’s spatial orientation by adding another dimension – depth – through audio announcement. It measures the distance from objects or the ground on both take-off and landing. Ground clearance in ft can be projected on the Heads Up Display (HUD). SkyVoice Alert continuously monitors the Plane’s real time Climb and Descend Performance, no matter how rough the terrains whether it is covered in snow or ice; or in moderate fog, mist, or rain.

HolyMicro’s SkyVoice Alert offers user selectable reminders for their preferred heights from a set of available reminders like Check Gear, Checklist, LC GUMPS, Flaps, Check Speed, Check Tank and Check Fuel, GPS/MSL Height call-outs & reminders – Check Oxygen, IFR Altimeter and Top of descent. By using this device, reduce the chance of High Final Approach, Low Final Approach, High Round Out (High Flare), Hard Landing, Late or Rapid Round Out, Floating or Ballooning during Round Out, Bouncing during Touchdown, and Porpoising. Most importantly, it helps pilots confirm or correct their perceived depth by comparing it to the actual depth announcement from the device. Undeniable attribute is that SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 A is affordable and easy to setup in both certified and experimental aircrafts.

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