Install SkyVoice Alert 500 and stack the odds in your favor! Fly safely
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Install SkyVoice Alert 500 and stack the odds in your favor! Fly safely

As safety concerns are at an all-time high, it is necessary to stay alert. Safety equipment serves as the ultimate solution for this. Holy Micro LLC’s SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 is a groundbreaking advancement among safety equipment’s that can get you alert in the most critical phases of flight like takeoff and landing. Landing height announcer informs pilot about the aircrafts height above ground level. SkyVoice Alert 500, the takeoff and landing height announcer, offers precise LiDAR – based height callouts from 500ft to 1ft with Retractable Gear Warnings. Once enabled and connected, SkyVoice Alert announces ‘Check Gear’ from a height of 560ft until the gear is down and locked, thereby providing enough time to put the gear down and aiding pilots in having a smoother and stress-free takeoff and landing.

The SkyVoice Alert LHA 500 offers various reminders from which the users can select accordingly such as Checklists, Check Speed, Check Tank, Check Fuel, LC GUMPS, Flaps & an extensive selection of GPS reminders like Check Oxygen, IFR Altimeter and Top of descent. The device delivers announcements at various GPS/MSL altitudes: 18000ft, 12500ft, 11000ft, 10000ft, 9000ft, 5000ft, 4000ft, 3000ft, 2000ft, 1000ft and 500ft. Ground clearance in ft can be projected on the Heads Up Display (HUD) and high quality audio from this device can be heard through audio panel or headset connected via Bluetooth or wired. Holy Micro LLC also introduced two more takeoff and landing height announcers namely SkyVoice Glassy Guide and SkyVoice Lite. SkyVoice Glassy Guide gives out height callouts on both land and water and are mostly used in seaplanes. It provides height callouts from 400ft to 1ft with four reminders. And SkyVoice Lite is a portable takeoff and landing height announcer. With the introduction of these innovative devices Holy Micro reinforces its commitment to aviation safety.

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